October 26, 2021
WhatsApp disappears from the Google Play Store

WhatsApp Disappeared from the Google Play Store Temporarily and No One Knows Exactly Why

For a time, WhatsApp wan’t available on the Google Play Store for Android but it returned and the messaging service isn’t explaining why…

Facebook subsidiary messaging app WhatsApp might boast more than 1.5 billion monthly active users but that doesn’t make it immune to chance circumstances.

Case in point, WhatsApp temporarily vanished from the Google Play Store, though its Business app remained.

WhatsApp Inexplicably Disappeared from the Google Play Store then Mysteriously Returned

WhatsApp previously wouldn’t show up in search on the Play Store, suggesting it was somehow delisted. However, the direct link to it still worked, which would not happen if Google removed it from the Play Store.

Meanwhile, some users report not being able to see it at all on their mobile devices, despite it being installed. Although, this isn’t the case with everyone.

A representative from WhatsApp tells The Next Web the flagship app is back on the Play Store, though did not elaborate on its disappearance. 

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