December 2, 2021
WhatsApp introduces call waiting without adding call holding

WhatsApp has Finally Added Call Waiting (but it Still doesn’t have Call Holding)

WhatsApp finally brings call waiting to its popular communication app, but still does not add call holding to the mobile accessory…

There’s no question Facebook subsidiary communication tool WhatsApp packs a lot of utilitarian function. But, it has nonetheless strangely missed adding some of the most common (read: standard) telecommunications tools.

For instance, WhatsApp has oddly omitted call waiting from its platform. So, during an ongoing call, there’s no notification someone else is trying to get in-touch. Now, that’s changed as WhatsApp has integrated a call waiting feature. (Although, it continues to lack call holding.)

WhatsApp Introduces Call Waiting without Adding Call Holding

The new WhatsApp call waiting option does precisely what one would imagine. If another call comes in while on a current call, the app alerts the would-be recipient. 

Users can opt to take the second call but must end the first. This is usually made a smooth transition by call holding — which remains absent from WhatsApp.

This means users can either choose to switch over to the next call or stay with the current one. But, there’s no way to put the first call on hold in order to let that person know there’s another call that is necessary to take.

The new call waiting feature is now available on some newer versions of the regular WhatsApp and the business version.

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