January 12, 2022
WhatsApp Introduces Pre-Send Voice Message Previews

WhatsApp Finally Lets Users Listen to Preview of their Voice Messages before Sending Them

WhatsApp users can now listen back to their recorded voice messages before sending them to ensure they’re right (or need re-recording)…

WhatsApp remains the most widely used communications platform in the world with approximately 2 billion users globally. It even surpasses Facebook Messenger, which claims 1.3 billion, and WeChat, with 1.2 billion.

Since it is the most popular, it must constantly iterate to improve, and that includes introducing new features. It’s this diversity of functionality that makes it so very popular among consumers, but the platform still Lacks a few things most people would think should exist. One such previously absent option is to preview voice messages before sending them. But now, that’s finally here.

WhatsApp Introduces Pre-Send Voice Message Previews

WhatsApp is rolling out the ability to listen back to voice messages before sending them to all its clients, including Android, iOS, and the web. Now, users will be able to record a voice message and play it back before sending it to their intended recipient. So, if they are unhappy with how it sounds, they can simply delete it and record it. Or, if it is fine the way it is, send it with confidence.

People sometimes before voice messages, because it better conveys what they are trying to communicate over text. Even SMS or MMS can fall short, even with emoji and other enhancements. But, sometimes the right phrasing is difficult to word, and having the option to preview what’s said before sending it just makes a whole lot of sense.

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