March 7, 2021
WhatsApp iPad support under development

WhatsApp could Soon Work on iPads, with a Possible New Update

WhatsApp is already interopertable on several devices but it doesn’t work on tablets but that might change, starting with iPads…

Certainly one of the most attractive features of messaging app WhatsApp is the fact it works across most devices. It also boasts end-to-end encryption, just as iMessage on the iPhone does. But, it won’t work with larger screens, such as tablets. However, that could change in the not-too distant future.

WhatsAppiPad Support Under Development

Facebook is already known to be working on a premium version of WhatsApp for the iPad  — meaning, a paid version. (The first leaks occurred back in April but it’s not out yet.)

There’s two obstacles in the way of bringing WhatsApp to tablets. One, is obviously screen size. That particular hurdle is the smaller of the two. The second and more significant issue is the fact WhatsApp accounts are created with dedicated phone numbers.

So, the real challenge is to make WhatsApp account portable, able to work on multiple devices and with different phone numbers.

At this time, there’s no official word on when WhatsApp users can expect to see the option.

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