July 4, 2022
WhatsApp may Soon Allow Users to Edit Sent Messages

WhatsApp is Working on a Sent Message Editing Tool (Again)

WhatsApp is apparently developing a new option to let users edit messages after they’re sent, but no details have been confirmed…

WhatsApp might just finally bring a much-requested feature to its messaging platform. If true, users will have the power to edit messages after they’ve been sent. Should this news sound familiar, it’s because the company has already forayed into the sent message editing world once before, about five years ago. But, WhatsApp didn’t fully build the feature out and scrapped its plans. Now, it seems to be making a comeback.

WhatsApp may Soon Allow Users to Edit Sent Messages

First spotted by the folks over at WABetaInfo, who posted a screenshot of a new “Edit message” option, it looks like WhatsApp is proceeding with the tool. Although, details are scarce, at best. There’s no real information about how it will work, for instance, if it will show an edit history or merely provide a single, one-time edit. Moreover, there is no timeline as to when it will become available.

This could launch with a basic roll-out and later be made robust. Or, it could just offer a simple edit function. Regardless, since it’s under development and no official word, it may not see wide, stable release at all.

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