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WhatsApp Inches Ever-Closer to Letting Everyone have Multi-Device Support

WhatsApp Multi-Device Support gets Closer to Widespread Release

Credit: Somag News

WhatsApp is all that closer to offering multi-device support, with the latest beta build enabling the option by default for all testers…

WhatsApp, the super-popular messaging Facebook subsidiary, with over 2 billion global users, is apparently on the cusp of offering true multi-device support for all. Although it’s been under development for some time, it’s now closer than ever to becoming a reality. If the option does make its way out to stable release, it could support up to four different devices at one time.

WhatsApp Multi-Device Support gets Closer to Widespread Release

WhatsApp multi-device support will also allow users to continue their communications without the main device even needing an internet connection. Better still, all messages will retain their end-to-end encryption. So, if all this is true, it would help to make WhatsApp far more functional. The new tech is no longer restricted to beta testers who opt into the functionality because it’s now automatic.

For those with access, it’s possible to update to the most recent iteration. Once the update is installed, the app will log out of all existing devices from WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop. Thereafter, logging back into these same devices will automatically enable the new multi-device mode.

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