September 20, 2022
WhatsApp multi-platform support

Leak Claims Facebook is Working on Making WhatsApp Available on Multiple Platforms and Not just Phones

WhatsApp multi-platform support is coming, freeing the UI from phone numbers, to work on different devices with the same account…

Since its initial launch, WhatsApp has been tied to a single phone number. This means, unlike its peers, such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and more, it can’t be separated from the phone with the dedicated number. That limitation just might be coming to an end.

WhatsApp Multi-Platform Support Development Reportedly Underway

A recent leak reveals parent company Facebook is working on putting out a new WhatsApp experience which will allow users to access the same account on multiple devices. It will ostensibly work on iPads, Macs, and Windows OCs.

Although WhatsApp is currently accessible on computers, it’s not available on full-fledged apps. Plus, it still requires a connection to the main WhatsApp, which of course, is tied to a phone.

Here’s what WABetaInfo wrote about the plans: 

WhatsApp is developing a new system to allow to use the same WhatsApp account on more devices, at the same time!

Using the new multi-platform system, it means you will be able to use:

  • Your main WhatsApp account on iPad (when the app will be available) without uninstalling it from your iPhone.
  • The same WhatsApp account on iOS and Android devices.
  • WhatsApp on your computer (without the necessity for an Internet connection on your phone) using the UWP app (this is one of the reasons why started to develop it).
  • It will be obviously possible to use the same account on Windows Phone (using UWP) and WhatsApp for Windows (always the UWP version).

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