November 3, 2022
WhatsApp New Years virus steals Android and iOS data

WhatsApp ‘New Year’s Virus’ Steals User Data from Android and iOS Devices

WhatsApp users are being targeted by a New Year’s Virus that can steal data from both Android and iOS mobile devices and more…

The fight to keep people’s data safe continues. One of the latest threats — although relatively benign — targets WhatsApp users. It’s called the “New Year’s Virus” and it’s making its way around the platform.

WhatsApp New Year’s Virus Steals Android and iOS Data

The WhatsApp New Year’s Virus sends links to web pages infected with malware. When recipients tap or click on the links, they can compromise the integrity of smartphones or computers.

That’s not all, though. Victims are also open to invasive ad exposure, along with prompts to divulge sensitive personal information. People are likewise pushed into subscription junk services, as well.

The links aren’t necessarily suspicious, either. Instead, the links are usually disguised as ordinary greeting messages. But, one tell is the fact that the links must be opened to read the messages.

WhatsApp users should exercise caution when receiving messages from unknown senders (as usual). Of course, it’s best not to follow links to unfamiliar sources and block senders who are unknown.

The Facebook communications subsidiary is reportedly currently working on a new feature that will group messages to automatically delete after a set time.

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