January 12, 2022
WhatsApp Now Lets Users Set All Chats to Automatically Disappear by Default

Every WhatsApp User can Now Set All their Chats to Automatically Disappear by Default

WhatsApp users could previously choose to have select messages disappear after a time and now, they can set all new chats to delete by default…

WhatsApp added the option to have messages disappear after being sent back in November of last year. But, it only applied to certain chats users proactively set to disappear. Now, the platform is expanding on the option. WhatsApp says users will now have the option to turn on disappearing messages automatically for all their new one-on-one chats, so that all future messages will be automatically deleted from the service.

WhatsApp Now Lets Users Set All Chats to Automatically Disappear by Default

With the expansion, the messaging service states it is also giving users more options. When the tool first debuted late last year, users only had the option of having messages disappear after seven days. However, that’s changing and chats can be set to disappear in 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days. Of course, users must set up the time limit by themselves in settings.

As for existing conversations, WhatsApp notes that turning on disappearing messages by default won’t affect existing chats. So, when a new message is composed, a notice will appear, reminding the automatic deletion feature is on by default.

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