November 9, 2022
WhatsApp Pay Launches in Brazil while Testing Continues in India

Facebook just Rolled Out WhatsApp Pay in Brazil, while it Faces Regulatory Hurdles in Ongoing Test in India

Facebook is making its latest peer-to-peer payment option available in WhatsApp in Brazil, as the same tech is stuck in testing in India…

While Facebook is in the midst of abandoning its ambitious Libra cryptocurrency, the company is also attempting to make purchases and money transfers a bit easier. This tool is called Facebook Pay. Users can simply setup a payment method, then they are able to shop on Marketplace, buy tickets, send contributions to fundraisers, or send money to others. And, it’s been integrated into subsidiary WhatsApp, first in India.

WhatsApp Pay Launches in Brazil, while Testing Continues in India

Now, Facebook is making WhatsApp Pay available to users in Brazil. This is a familiar take on similar services such as Venmo or Apple Pay. Basically, it offers users a bit more convenience for making purchases and transferring money without having to leave the Facebook ecosystem. Right now, it’s supported through Banco do Brasil, Nubank, and Sicredi on the Visa and Mastercard networks in Brazil. But, a wider adaptation is expected.

The company started testing the payment tool back in India November of last year. However, it remains stifled due to regulatory roadblocks in the country. Although, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has stated the company plans to roll it out to several other countries in the coming months.

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