April 29, 2021
WhatsApp Private Message Ephemeral Beta Option Spotted

WhatsApp might Soon Gain a Self-Destruct Option for its Private Messages

WhatsApp is likely about to get a new option for its private messaging, the ability for senders to set an expiration time…

Ephemeral content is all the rage right now. Ever since Snapchat pioneered the format and Facebook copied it and slapped it on subsidiary Instagram as the wildly popular Instagram Stories, it’s showed up in more and more places. And, it might well be on its way to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Private Message Ephemeral Beta Option Spotted

According to WABetaInfo, another Facebook subsidiary is about to gain ephemeral content support. But, this time, it’s not for public consumption. Rather, it’s tucked inside the private messaging system.

The most recent beta build of the communications app contains the necessary code that will let senders set self-destruct parameters for messages. In the test version, it allows senders to set limits of an hour, a day, a week, a month, or a year.

If this sounds somewhat familiar, that’s because the option has already showed up before. Back in October of last year, the ephemeral feature debuted in group chats. But now, it’s a candidate for wide release with private messages.

Although it’s quite limited compared to competitor versions, it’s still a welcome addition.

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