September 22, 2021
WhatsApp quoted messages

It’s Not Possible to Delete Quoted WhatsApp Messages for Some Reason

WhatsApp quoted messages are not removable, even though the messaging platform added the ability to delete mistakenly sent messages a few months ago…

For some strange reason, quoted messages in group and one-on-chats can’t be deleted from WhatsApp. Although WhatsApp added the ability to delete mistakenly sent messages a couple of months ago, these remain, even if users attempt to scrap them.

WhatsApp Quoted Messages aren’t Removable

It’s visible in the screenshot below. Even after a quoted message is deleted, the quote itself nonetheless remains visible. However, the original message does disappear:

WhatsApp quoted messages
Credit: The Next Web

This is curious given that users can opt to delete sent messages for up to seven minutes. (Both sender and recipient must be running the latest version for the feature to actually work.) Also, there is no mention about deleting quotes on the official FAQ page.

Unfortunately for WhatsApp, this isn’t the only flaw when it comes to deleting messages. For instance, a Spanish tech blog found it’s possible to recover deleted messages from Android using certain third-party tools. But, The Independent later learned this is only achievable with interacted messages.