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WhatsApp Hits 5 Billion Installs for Android, becomes the Second non-Google App to Reach that Milestone

WhatsApp reaches 5 billion Android downloads

Credit: jenningsjournal / Creative Commons

WhatsApp, the super-popular Facebook messaging subsidiary, now claims 5 billion downloads for Android from the Google Play Store…

Relatively few Android native mobile applications can claim billions of downloads. In fact, among those that have such large figures, most of them are also pre-installed on devices. This is due to partnership with manufacturers like Samsung and other OEMs.

Facebook is among them, thanks in part to such arrangements. now, joining the ranks among its flagship app, is subsidiary WhatsApp, which now boasts 5 billion installations.

WhatsApp Reaches Five Billion Android Device Installs from the Google Play Store

WhatsApp, the wildly popular messaging mobile application now has at least 5 billion downloads, with a good percentage coming from the Google Play Store.

At least some credit goes to Samsung and Huawei, as both manufacturers have devices that come with WhatsApp pre-installed. This definitely helps to push up the numbers, but certainly does not constitute a large percentage of the figures.

Still, WhatsApp has a massive, worldwide user base, which currently stands at over 1.5 billion per month and growing.

Recently, news reports revealed WhatsApp would remain ad-free on its Status feed. Although, it’s highly unlikely Facebook has completely given up on further monetizing WhatsApp. The social media giant acquired the messaging service back in 2014 for $19 billion and will squeezing as much return out of it as possible.

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