October 1, 2022
WhatsApp Single Phone Number to Support Multiple Devices

WhatsApp might soon Allow Users to Use a Single Phone Number on Multiple Devices

WhatsApp appears to be inching toward a new option — the ability to use one phone number on multiple devices, but it will take some time to get there…

Even though WhatsApp has managed to rack-up 2 billion monthly users, it’s done so with one frustrating limitation — an account is restricted to just one phone number. So, whatever device a new user signs-up with, that’s the only compatible device, be it a single phone or a lone tablet.

WhatsApp Single Phone Number to Support Multiple Devices

However, that one-on-one proposition might change in the not-too-distant future, according to WABetaInfo. In the most recent beta realse (version, there’s a new “Linked devices” in the overflow menu. But, there’s still no actual mention of multiple mobile devices. Instead, it only lists “browser, computer, or Facebook portal.”

Although this language might change, it could still limit sign-ins to just one mobile device and a possible combination of a browser, PC, or something similar. The folks over at Android Police tested it out and were able to sign into four devices. However, this involved two PCs and one phone.

Only time will tell if the Facebook subsidiary does expand its support capabilities to more than one mobile device. For now at least, it seems a combination of PCs and a phone or tablet will be the limit.

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