September 22, 2021
WhatsApp Status DAUs

WhatsApp Status just Dethroned Snapchat Big Time

The Snapchat Stories clone WhatsApp Status, just reached 450 million daily active users, as the company announced new features…

WhatsApp has toppled Snapchat in another sign that copies can easily outperform originals in several cases. Snapchat failed to court the international community during its early years but WhatsApp embraced the strategy. Now, this is paying off as WhatsApp Status, a clone of Snapchat Stories, has reached 450 DAUs or daily active users.

WhatsApp Status DAUs Hit 450 Million

This is a significant milestone given all of Snapchat only claims 187 million daily users. To put this news in perspective, Instagram Stories, yet another feature Facebook stole from its rival, boasts 300 million DAUs as of November. 

WhatsApp has also announced it’s added stickers and Group Video calling. That’s a smart play, considering users already spend 2 billion minutes per day interacting through voice and video calls. In the coming months, however, up to four people can participate in a video call. That might increase beyond four in the future. Additionally, users can go beyond text and send stickers inside WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is also making its way toward monetization as it claims 3 million businesses using its WhatsApp For Business app. The company states it plans to charge some larger brands for access to bonus features, a few of which are currently free.