July 4, 2022
WhatsApp Sticker Studio app

Try this New Android App to Make a WhatsApp Sticker Out of Any Photo

A new WhatsApp Sticker Studio app for Android devices magically makes any regular picture into a sticker to share for even more fun…

It was only last month Snapchat finally added stickers. There are a whole host of sticker packs available, some of them fromMessenger. (After all, Facebook owns WhatsApp.) Users can find stickers via third-parties at both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

WhatsApp Sticker Studio App Transforms any Picture into a Digital Sticker

But, now there’s a new option. It’s called Sticker Studio. And, it’s free and available for Android. Just capture a snap and then draw a line around any portion to transform it into a sticker.

WhatsApp Sticker Studio Android app
Credit: Sticker Studio / Google Play Store

Sticker Studio has a few catches to how it functions. Users who download the app must create at least three stickers before they have the ability to export a pack. Also, users are limited to a total of 10 sticker packs, with a max count of 30 stickers per pack.

Recently, WhatsApp tucked private replies into group chats. The company furthermore introduced two new modes to help manage notifications — silent mode and vacation mode.

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