January 27, 2022
WhatsApp swipe to reply gesture

WhatsApp Users might Soon get a Swipe to Reply Gesture

The WhatsApp swipe to reply gesture, long available on iOS devices, now comes to Android, allowing users to quickly respond to messages…

For some time now, iOS users enjoyed a nifty feature inside WhatsApp. But, until recently, it hasn’t appeared on Android. That may soon change as rumors swirling for the past few weeks suggest the waiting period is over.

WhatsApp Swipe to Reply Gesture Added to 2.18.300 Beta

Users running WhatsApp beta version 2.18.300 are able to swipe any message right to reply. The action quotes the message received and user can simply type a response. Prior to this change, WhatsApp Android users had to tap and hold messages and begin typing quickly or tap the reply button, located in the top bar.

Credit: Android Police

Although it is a handy, time-saving feature, it’s only on the beta release at this time. To get access, WhatsApp Android users must either join the official Play Store beta program or wait for the update to roll out.

Just a couple of weeks ago, it was first learned WhatsApp might soon receive a dark mode option. Additionally, WhatsApp just entered into a new agreement with Google. And, it means all users’ data, including chat sessions, pics, and videos will soon disappear for Android backups.

As a result of the new agreement, Google will automatically delete all WhatsApp backups which have gone un-updated for a year or more. Here’s how to backup WhatsApp chat, photos, and videos from Android to Google Drive.

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