June 18, 2021
WhatsApp Web picture-in-picture

WhatsApp for the Web Adds Picture-in-Picture Video Playback for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

A new WhatsApp Web picture-in-picture tool is now available, making its way to desktop from mobile, for a more interesting experience…

About a year ago, WhatsApp debuted a picture-in-picture feature for mobile on iOS. Then, last October, it made its way over to Android devices. Now, the tool is beginning to appear on desktop for the web version, according to WAbetainfo.

WhatsApp Web Picture-in-Picture Social Media Video Playback Option Introduced

The new WhatsApp web picture-in-picture option now runs on version 0.3.2041. (To update, simply force-clear the page cache and restart the browser.) Once updated, click on any video and it should open a floating window.

It’s possible to move videos, resize the playback windows, and switch to fullscreen mode. Plus, there are playback controls, along with audio. Here’s a screenshot from Android Police:

Credit: Android Police

The new WhatsApp web picture-in-picture tool should work for YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook alike. However, not all functionality is available at this time. So, YouTube is the only compatible platform.

After it’s ready for full public release, the option will carry over to the native desktop site. In related news, WhatsApp recently added customer service tools to its standalone business app for the web.

The site also just hit a new milestone, in monthly active users, compared to parent company, Facebook. 

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