November 2, 2022
WT Social screenshot

WT Social Launches as a Upstart Competitor to Facebook, a New Social Network by the Wikipedia Co-Founder

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales has introduced a new social media site called WT Social, an ad-free experience that accepts donations…

Jimmy Wales, the co-founder of Wikipedia is out to create a better social media experience. The site is called WT Social and it boasts an ad-free environment (although it does borrow a familiar element — it solicits donations).

Wikipedia Co-Founder Launches WT Social, an Ad-Free Facebook Competitor

The new WT Social site is already live and has approximately 50,000 members at this point. People must join a wait list / invitation list. Or, people can pay $13 per month or $100 per year for immediate access.

Here’s a description of WT Social, directly quoted from the site:

“As social networks have grown, they’ve also amplified the voices of bad actors across the globe. Fake news has influenced global events, and algorithms care only about “engagement”, and keeping people addicted to platforms without substance.

WikiTribune wants to be different.

We will never sell your data. Our platform survives on the generosity of individual donors to ensure privacy is protected and your social space is ad-free.

We will empower you to make your own choices about what content you are served, and to directly edit misleading headlines, or flag problem posts.

We will foster an environment where bad actors are removed because it is right, not because it suddenly affects our bottom-line.

But this will only work with your help. So join today and help change the landscape of social media.”

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