February 24, 2021
Windows 10 customizable upgrades

Microsoft Finally Fixed One of the Most Aggravating Things about Windows 10

Windows 10 customizable upgrades are finally here, after years of forcing consumers onto the newest and latest OS updates…

Microsoft pursued market share aggressively with the launch of Windows 10. But, it did so by foisting updates on users. The company essentially disallowed running any older version. Instead, pushing out the next iteration forcefully.

Worse still was the fact some people fell victim to a file-deletion bug. Microsoft suffered a significant public setback because of it. So, it released a fix. However, the company thereafter continued to force updates. Now, that’s changing.

Windows 10 Customizable Upgrades Option Debuts

Windows 10 customizable upgrades are on the way. Basically, Microsoft will let users choose when to install the newest OS. The company explains in a blog post:

“In previous Windows 10 feature update rollouts, the update installation was automatically initiated on a device once our data gave us confidence that device would have a great update experience. Beginning with the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, users will be more in control of initiating the feature OS update. We will provide notification that an update is available and recommended based on our data, but it will be largely up to the user to initiate when the update occurs.”

The key takeaway is Microsoft won’t force new installations on users, with some exceptions, of course. Users have 35 days to hold off on both feature and monthly updates. After that time, users will have to update their machines before pausing once again.

Read the full announcement from Microsoft here.

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