November 28, 2021
Windows 10 market share

Believe it or Not, Windows 10 is Now the Most Popular Operating System in the World, even Beating Windows 7

Windows 10 market share now stands above Windows 7, previously the most popular operating system on the planet, according to new data…

Microsoft ended last year with the title of the most valuable company in the world. And, it did so, despite the very problematic roll out of Windows 10.

Scores of news reports headlined user headaches far and wide. The company even suspended the launch due to the software deleting users’ files. But, a fix rolled out and as a result, installs continued on. 

Windows 10 Market Share Surpasses Windows 7, becoming the Most Popular Desktop OS

In fact, Windows 10 market share now sits above its old predecessor, Windows 7, according to Net Applications. At the year’s end, Windows 10 captured 39.22 percent of the desktop OS market. That, in comparison to Windows 7, which claimed 36.9 percent. Obviously, this clearly demonstrates just how popular Windows 7 has remained although it came out almost 10 years ago.

Though impressive, Microsoft had originally planned to capture 1 billion devices within three years of the Windows 10 release. (Right now, it’s on 700 million machines, accounting of 70 percent of the company’s overall goal.) To be clear, these include more than just desktops and laptops, Windows 10 is likewise running on tables, phones, as well as Xbox One consoles.

However, it’s not all good news for the software giant. In mid-December, it was learned Windows 10 continued to send user activity data to Microsoft, even if the tracking tool was supposedly shut off. The company also announced it would integrate Chrome into its next default browser, after stirring up controversy by “warning” users against installing rivals Chrome or Firefox.

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