September 15, 2022
Windows 10 October Update might Pack One of the Quickest Installations Ever

Microsoft has Some Good News for Windows 10 Users with its Coming October Update

Windows 10 contains a delightful surprise with the release of the October 2020 update, that is, for users who are upgrading from the May update…

There’s some good news for PC owners who are candidates for receiving the Windows 10 October update. But, there’s a slight catch, of course. The coming Windows 10 October update won’t slug along when it installs. Instead, it will unpack in a flash. However, only a specific set of users will benefit from the speedy install. Meanwhile, the others will have to endure the regular experience.

Windows 10 October Update might Pack One of the Quickest Installations Ever

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 update will potentially install in a matter of minutes. That’s not because the software giant worked some remarkable magic. Rather, because it is simply an enablement package. This means that the real meat of the content for the update is already present within the operating system. (Because those elements were previously delivered in the upgrade that rolled out in May of this year.) And, that’s where some customers won’t enjoy a fast process.

The tiny download comes in at just 80MB, which will only take a few minutes to install. At least, for anyone with a SSD or solid state drive on a relatively modern PC. Other than that, it’s a relatively minor update, it does contain a new look for the Start menu.

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