January 19, 2022
Windows 10 reaches over 900 million devices

Windows 10 is Now on more than 900 Million Devices Around the World

Microsoft has announced via a tweet Windows 10 now runs on 900-plus devices worldwide, which might reach 1 billion by 2020…

Microsoft’s unflagging grip on software doesn’t appear to be waning in any way. Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President of the Microsoft Corporation, has tweeted out Windows 10, which debuted with a slew of bad press, now runs on over 900 million devices globally.

Windows 10 Reaches 900-Plus Million Device Installations

Microsoft Windows 10 operating on more than 900 million machines across the world is impressive, particularly considering its added more installations in the past twelve months than ever before.

Even though this is a remarkable number, Thurrott estimates the figure could rise to 1 billion by early next year, in 2020.

For context, Microsoft just announced in March it reached 800 million installs. By comparison, Apple has a desktop OS market share of about 14 percent, with Chrome OS having approximately 1.3 percent. Meanwhile, Windows boasts 78+ percent of all desktop machines.

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