December 2, 2020
Windows 10 Samsung Wireless File Transfer Support Rolls Out

Windows 10 Users can Now Transfer Files To and From Samsung Devices Wirelessly

Windows 10 users and Samsung device owners can now transfer files without the need for wires in a new Insider Build update…

Getting files from a PC over to a phone usually requires at least one USB cable and either email and/or software programs. But, Microsoft and Samsung have come up with a better way. The most recent release of Windows 10 Insider Build allows people to simply drag and drop files via WiFi from any supported mobile devices, according to report by SamMobile

Windows 10 Samsung Wireless File Transfer Support Rolls Out

The new Windows 10 Samsung wireless file transfer support works with the Microsoft Your Phone app and Samsung’s Link to Windows. Just long-press on the files or photos to transfer and then select to send them over to a PC. To transfer from a computer to phone, merely drag and drop them into the Your Phone window.

While it’s certainly a great convenience, it does have its limitations. File size caps out at 512MB, so it won’t work for things like a full-length HD movie from a PC to a phone. Also, simultaneous transfers are limited to 100 files. Plus, the phone and PC must be on the same WiFi network, along with Samsung’s Link to Windows 1.5, which isn’t available on all Samsung devices. (Currently, only some phones are compatible, like the Galaxy S10 and S20.)

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