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The Latest Windows 10 Update from Microsoft Brings Back One of its Most Unpopular “Features”

Windows 10 Update Revives Unpopular Browser Settings Recommendation Alert

Microsoft is again relying on Windows 10 pop ups to coax people to use Microsoft Bing, by recommending changes to its browser settings…

Microsoft recently pushed out an update to Windows 10 that’s now triggering one of the most infamous pop up message. Said alert disappeared for some time but it’s returned and irritating PC owners with its familiar goading to use yet another Microsoft product over the software company’s competitors. Of course, it revolves around the corporation’s totally rebuilt Microsoft Edge browser.

Windows 10 Update Revives Unpopular Browser Settings Recommendation Alert

In recent days, Windows 10 users have started receiving a pair of new alerts promoting Microsoft Bing, the company’s search engine. One notification reads, “Microsoft recommends different browser settings. Want to change them?” Unsurprisingly, it recommends switching over to Bing for default search, instead of relying on the market-dominating Google search engine.

Microsoft has suffered for a long time in the search market, which Google continues to rule, with a 92.26% market share. Meanwhile, Bing claims a meager 2.29% in search queries worldwide, according to the most recent data compiled by Statcounter. Ironically, Microsoft’s Windows 10 software runs on more than 10 billion devices across the globe, but the company just can’t gain a larger share of the search market.

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