October 4, 2022
Windows 11 Android App Support Debuts

Yes, Windows 11 can Run Android Apps, but Don’t Get Too Excited about Using Them

Windows 11 has a new ability, as Microsoft integrates support for running Android applications on the recently announced operating system…

Windows 11 is the next big thing from software giant Microsoft. It’s got a new look, plenty of modernity, and it will even be able to run native Android apps. The mobile programs will be made available through a partnership with Amazon. So, not everything on the Google Play Store will be accessible. But, that isn’t the only shortcoming for Windows 11 Android app support.

Windows 11 Android App Support Debuts

Google first announced support for Android apps on Chrome OS years ago. However, to this very day, not every application is available to Chrome OS. (This, even though Google is the company who created both.) There are several reasons for this. One in-particular is the fact that mobile applications just aren’t built to run on anything else but mobile. What’s more, even those which are ostensibly compatible don’t always function to the fullest or crash repeatedly. 

Windows 11 Android app support isn’t likely to be any discernibly different. Although it’s definitely possible Microsoft has found a better way to bridge the gap between mobile and desktop, it’s not probable. This is precisely why Google is so invested on building a cross-platform OS that it’s only recently rolled outFuchsia.

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