June 23, 2022
Windows 11 Reintroducing Windows 10 Divisive Weather Widget to the Taskbar

Windows 11 Bringing Unnecessary Clutter Over from Windows 10 with Divisive Taskbar Feature

Microsoft’s most recent preview build of Windows 11 reintroduces unnecessary clutter, which includes the weather widget in the taskbar…

Microsoft has released a new preview build of its Windows 11 operating system. With the latest irritation, the software giant is returning to its long-standing practice of shoving as many programs into its platform as possible. This time, it brings back a Windows 11 feature that proved very divisive — the weather widget pinned to the taskbar. Microsoft says it will serve as a new “entry point” for widgets on the taskbar.

Windows 11 Reintroducing Windows 10 Divisive Weather Widget to the Taskbar

People using Windows 10 are already familiar with the ‘News and interests’ widget, which shows the local weather (and temperature) on the taskbar. Also, by default, when hovered over, it highlights a full weather report, breaking news, sports, and other miscellany which can be customized — even disabled.

The weather widget will sit on the far-lfet of the default taskbar. This replaces the old (default) scheme of things with Windows 11, whereby the widget board had a normal-sized icon grouped with the Start button in the middle of the taskbar. Shifting it to the left to sit on its own, and giving it a full weather display, makes it far more prominent as was the case with Windows 10.

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