September 15, 2022
Windows 11 will Arrive October 5th but Without Android App Support

Windows 11 Release Date is October 5th, but the New OS Won’t Support Android Apps as Promised

Windows 11 is now scheduled for availability on Tuesday, October 5th, but it will not be able to run native Android apps, as expected…

Windows 11 is set to go live on Tuesday, October 5th. This, after Microsoft abruptly halted all updates to version 10 back in June. However, it won’t arrive with support for native Android apps, as the software corporation promised. While the first bit of news is welcome, the second part will likely disappoint a number of consumers. Plus, not all machines already running Windows will be able to upgrade to the next OS.

Windows 11 will Arrive October 5th, but Without Android App Support

Although Microsoft has announced its release date, not everyone with compatible equipment will be able to upgrade immediately. Instead, this will be a gradual rollout, prioritizing newer hardware. Microsoft says it will use “intelligence models” to determine which machines get the new OS first, including devices’ reliability and age. Right now, it’s estimated that it will take until mid-2022 for every eligible machine to get the update.

As for Android app support, that will also take time. The company states it expects to introduce the integration as a Windows Insider preview build at some point in the “coming months.” This shouldn’t be a surprise, given just how difficult it is to place mobile applications on a mouse-and-keyboard interface.

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