December 7, 2021
Windows 10 search

Microsoft to Split Up Windows Text and Cortana Voice Searches in Future Releases

Windows 10 search will soon be separated into voice and text, with Cortana handling the latter while the OS runs the former…

Windows 10 changed up its search function by integrating Cortana into it. Microsoft intended the move to help place search in one place — either text or voice. But now, it appears the software giant has reconsidered the strategy.

Microsoft to Split Cortana from Its Windows Search Bar come April

Only a few weeks ago, Microsoft began separating the functions and it’s slated for Insider Build 18317. Thereafter, it should roll out publicly with the next major update to the Windows operating system.

With the change, the two systems can “innovate independently” to better serve users who have personal favorites. Which means the search bar will handle text queries while Cortana will run voice searches.

“Going forward, we’ll be decoupling Search and Cortana in the taskbar. This will enable each experience to innovate independently to best serve their target audiences and use cases. Some Insiders have had this update for a few weeks now, and we appreciate all the feedback we’ve received about it so far! For those new to this update, when it rolls out to you, you’ll find clicking the search box in the taskbar now launches our experience focused on giving you the best in house search experience and clicking the Cortana icon will launch you straight into our voice-first digital assistant experience.”

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