May 22, 2022
Windows XP Marks its 20th Birthday and Five Years After Support but Millions Still use It

Windows XP is Over 20 Years Old, Five Years Past its Expiration Date, and Way Too Many People Still Use It

Windows XP first came out on October 25th, 2001, hitting its twentieth birthday, and outlasting its official support by over five years…

Microsoft released one of its most popular operating systems just over twenty years ago — Windows XP. It quickly became one of the beloved versions because it was easy to use, performed at a fast speed, and had a lot of stability. Those qualities aren’t necessarily present in many of its predecessors, but also, its successors. However, its end of life occurred around five years ago. Although, millions of people continue to use it.

TitleWindows XP Marks its 20th Birthday and Five Years After Support but Millions Still use It

Mainstream support for Windows XP ended on April 14, 2009, with extended support lasting another five years. That put the total lifetime of support in 2014, so it’s been running without any updates whatsoever for approximately seven and a half years now. Still, it remains active among millions. In the most recent figures compiled by NetMarketShare, it managed to cling to 0.59% of all Windows operating systems.

Though that initially seems like it’s very small, this nearly six-tenths of a full point represents millions of users. The most probable culprits that have yet to upgrade are public sectors, particularly bureaucracies, that are notorious for their slow adaptations of new technology. 

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