September 16, 2022
Wireless Carrier Updates are bringing RCS Messaging to Subscribers

Waiting for RCS Support? Subscribers can Check for a Carrier Update Right Now (in the US)

Google’s push for distributing RCS messaging is apparently starting to pay off, as wireless carriers begin deploying the technology to customers…

For those tired of waiting for the next generation of messaging to arrive, their along-waited wait maybe over, maybe. After Google promised (read: threatened) to take the lead away, some carriers are beginning to update to RCS messaging.

Wireless Carrier Updates are Now bringing RCS Messaging to Subscribers

Multiple users on the Universal ProfileT-Mobile, and Sprint subreddits have confirmed RCS has been enabled on a variety of devices. These include, but are not necessarily limited to: Pixel, Galaxy, OnePlus, and Motorola phones.

While it’s not here through all wireless providers, a few are rolling it out right now. With an update to their respective carrier apps, wireless companies are beginning to make RCS available.

RCS is the next generation of SMS text. It offers the ability to send larger and higher-quality image. It also boasts a more expansive array of emoji, can stream both audio and video, plus provide enhanced group chat capabilities.

It appears just two things are needed to get RCS: the latest version of the Carrier Services app and the most recent release of Google/Android Messages. Installing — or updating — these two applications ought to trigger a popup, requesting permission to agree to use RCS.

Credit: Android Police

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