April 28, 2021
WordPress 5.0 Bebo

WordPress Releases its Latest Content Editor, Featuring a Flexible CMS Block-Styled Interface

WordPress 5.0 Bebo, the latest big release from parent company Automattic, brings a block-based editor to the back-end user interface…

Automattic, the company behind the hugely popular CMS or content management system, WordPress, has introduced its latest version, 5.0 or Bebo.

It includes a host of new features, with a totally different back-end experience comprised of customizable content blocks. (The concept is actually something that’s been around, available through competitors and now, WordPress is embracing it.)

WordPress 5.0 Bebo Released, Featuring a CMS Backend Flexible Block-Based Content Editor

The new interface allows users to insert various types of media block and adjust them as desired. The blocks transform into horizontal banners, full-width images, and even narrow sidebars. Here’s a screenshot:

It’s possible to move the content blocks around to create custom layouts. And, blocks are reusable. Meaning they can also be created to retain any text, images, and/or styling to use on other pages or in other posts.

Additionally, Automattic introduced a new default theme, Twenty Nineteen, which helps new users navigate through the interface.

For those who don’t care for the new editor, there’s always the option to install a Classic Editor plugin to switch back.

The new WordPress 5.0 Bebo version is now available for download. Administrators should take the time to run a backup before installing the latest edition.

WordPress 5.0 Bebo content blocks

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