August 5, 2022
WordPress Activity feature Introduces ‘Activity’

The new Activity feature helps put all useful information in one place for easy reference about everything going on behind-the-scenes… is a powerful platform. So powerful, it’s difficult for site owners and managers to keep track of everything that’s going on from day-to-day. Activity Feature Debuts

Fortunately, there’s now a way to stay on-top of all that activity. Appropriately, it’s called “Activity” and it’s rolling out now:

“Knowing what’s going on behind the scenes of your site is key to engagement and security. Who published a post? What comments need to be approved? When was a plugin activated or deactivated? What images were added to a specific page? Now, there’s a new tab in where you can see all your site’s activity outlined in an organized, readable way…”

It’s a chronological list of everything site owners and managers need to know. It lists published posts and pages. Updates to said posts and pages. Comment submission and management. Changes to settings and options. Registered user log-in attempts. Information about plugins, as well as themes. And, a list of things happening on and Jetpack sites. Activity is now located in the left vertical menu bar, near the top by site stats.

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