November 5, 2022
WordPress apps revision history

It’s now Possible to View Page and Post Revision Histories on the Mobile Apps

The new WordPress apps revision history feature makes it easier than ever to compare pages and posts draft, as well as make changes…

Maintaining a website and/or blog often requires an editorial process. That’s why is rolling out a new tool to its mobile apps. Now, users can quickly see revision histories, even on handheld devices. Apps Revision History Debuts

To use the new apps revision history option, just tap on “My Sites,” then, go to “Site Pages or Blog Posts,” hit the three dot button and choose “History.”

It’s organized by date, and includes the revision’s author, as well as a count of the additions and deletions. To see previous revisions, just tap on the list.

In order to pick-up where last writing, just hit the Load button and view the page or post in HTML or visual format.

The┬ánew apps revision history is a free tool and it’s available on both Android and iOS.

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