July 23, 2021
WordPress Quick Start

WordPress.com just Made it Easier than Ever to Set-Up a Website from a Mobile App

WordPress Quick Start serves as a checklist of to-do items, helping people get through the process with guidance and ease…

There’s no question the web is moving more and more to a mobile-first environment. In fact, it’s the reason behind Google’s big push toward mobile. To embrace the trend, WordPress.com just launched a new tool to help people set-up websites using Android and iOS apps.

WordPress.com Quick Start Mobile App Feature Released

Though it sounds strange at first from a web development standpoint, it’s designed to take the guesswork out of the process. More particularly, to make it a cinch for novices to do the work without having to create and input code. (Or even unpack various pre-designed elements.)

“After you create a new site on your WordPress app, you’ll see a prompt asking if you want some assistance setting it up. Tap Yes! and you’ll find Quick Start: a short list of to-do items that will set you on the path to success.”

Here’s a couple of screenshots showing it in-action:

Credit: WordPress.com

WordPress.com Quick Start lets site owners view their properties right inside the apps, select new themes, customize their sites, create new blog posts, set-up sharing preferences, and even follow other sites through the WordPress.com Reader.

“These are all tasks that will help you start on the right foot. Exploring these options won’t take very long, but once you’ve gone through the list you’ll have a website ready to welcome its first visitors — and all the pieces in place for future growth and success.”

The new WordPress.com Quick Start tool is now available on Android version 10.8 or higher and iOS version 11.1.

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