June 23, 2022
WordPress Founder Clashes with Apple Over its 30 Percent App Store Cut

WordPress Founder Claims Apple Shut Down Updates to His Totally Free App because it Wants 30 Percent

WordPress found Matt Mullenweg says Apple turned off updates to his completely free app because the company didn’t get 30 percent its cut…

The WordPress iOS app allows people to create and manage a website right from an iPhone or iPad. It’s totally free. Separately, WordPress.com also happens to sell different services, including domain names and premium website packages. But, the iOS app only gives users the power to build and manage free websites — it doesn’t do anything else. Apparently, that’s a problem for Apple because it requires a 30 percent cut of all sales of all approved iOS apps. Trouble is, this particular app sells absolutely nothing.

WordPress Founder Clashes with Apple Over its 30 Percent App Store Cut

That didn’t stop Apple from cutting off updates meant for the WordPress iOS app, though. Rather than put up a fight, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg says he’ll add new in-app purchases for WordPress.com’s paid tiers. These will include things like domain names and more. 

WordPress is just another example of a company that’s had problems with Apple’s 30 percent fee. Just over a week ago, Epic Games sued both Apple and Google over their app store fees

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