September 15, 2022
WordPress Google Photos integration Introduces Google Photos Support

Beginning today, a new WordPress Google Photos integration comes to the CMS for its plan subscribers, as well as self-hosted sites…

Today, a new WordPress Google Photo integration comes to plan subscribers and self-hosted sites. Now, users can easily browse, search, and copy images and videos right from or through the Jetpack plugin.

New WordPress Google Photos Integration Rolls Out

To access the new WordPress Google Photos integration option, simply open the Media Library. Then, scroll down through the media source drop down and select “Photos from Your Google library.”

WordPress Google Photos integration option
Credit: WordPress

Accessing this feature for the first time requires a connection between the two platforms. Thereafter, it’s simple to grab media from Google Photos to include on a WordPress page or post.

WordPress Google Photos integration connection
Credit: WordPress

Not only can plan subscribers and self-hosted sites access their most recent Google Photos images and video, it’s also possible to search by keyword. (Only video support plans can handle video uploads.)

The CMS company states it is “working on integrating this deeper into your experience, and we hope to integrate more services with in the future.”

WordPress recently introduced PayPal integration. Additionally, the company rolled out support for third-party plugins and themes in early August.

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