June 20, 2021
WordPress offline publishing improved

WordPress Improves its Offline Publishing Technology and Now Sends Fewer Problem Alerts to Users

WordPress has upgrade its offline publishing feature, making key improvements, including a reworked UI and fewer user alerts…

Popular content management system WordPress has made some key improvements to its offline publishing option. It’s part of the company’s overall goal to provide users with reliable function, even when not connected to WiFi.

WordPress Offline Publishing Technology Improves, along with Fewer Issue Alerts

The newly improved WordPress offline publishing technology now better remembers users input and choices. Once reconnected, content is saved and then published, as requested. Users can also still opt to cancel their last inputs and edits, as well. 

Plus, there’s a new user interface, which more clearly defines posts’ statuses. Now, it’s much easier to know which posts are pending, saving or publishing.

Also, WordPress has ditched several alerts that previously popped up when users were offline. Now, the UI includes contextual non-blocking messages, as well as notices appearing right above the toolbar. WordPress states this is will result in fewer distractions.  

“Good technology in an app requires solid offline support. A WordPress app should give you a seamless, reliable posting experience, and you shouldn’t have to worry whether you’re online or offline while using WordPress Mobile. And if we’ve done our jobs right, you won’t have to! 

On the go and without a connection? No worries! The apps will now remember your choices and once you’re back online,your content will be saved and published as requested. But if you changed your mind about publishing a post while you’re still offline, you can still safely cancel it.”

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