November 25, 2021
wordpress paypal integration Just Launched a PayPal Integration to Make Selling Online Easier

Premium and business site subscribers can now take advantage of a new WordPress PayPal integration, by adding a simple payment button…

Automattic announced yesterday it’s rolling out a WordPress PayPal integration that lets its Premium and Business CMS subscribers embed a payment button. 

New WordPress PayPal Integration goes Live for Business and Premium Sites

Here’s how it works. Simply open a new post and select “Insert Content,” from the drop down menu, located at the left of the editor. From there, scroll and select “Add Payment Button.” 

wordpress paypal payment button
Credit: Automattic

A form will then appear, asking “What are you selling?” It also includes fields for a description, price, email, as well as two other options — adding an image and “Allow people to buy more than one item at a time.” The email address must link to an active PayPal account to claim payments.

wordpress paypal add button form
Credit: The Next Web

When a customer chooses to buy a product, clicking the payment button redirects them to a standardized PayPal checkout landing page. (This is not customizable.)

wordpress paypal checkout
Credit: The Next Web

After a customer makes a payment, they receive an email receipt for their purchase and the seller also receives a payment notification email with details about the purchase. PayPal collects a surcharge of 0.029 or 2.9 percent, along with a fixed .30 USD cent fee for each completed purchase. The funds are instantly available in the seller’s PayPal account.

The new WordPress PayPal integration is part of an ongoing effort to attract more subscribers to its CMS hosting services., an Automattic entity, continues to roll out new features. Recently, it announced the ability to integrate third-party plugins and themes. While self-hosted sites already enjoy these options, the platform is more restrictive.

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