January 27, 2022
WordPress theme and plugin auto-updates on the way

WordPress will Finally Add Auto-Updates to Themes and Plugins, Starting with Version 5.5

Popular CMS WordPress is about to get a much-needed auto-update function for themes and plugins, beginning with build version 5.5…

With the upcoming release of WordPress 5.5 is a somewhat new feature. (It’s actually an expansion of a function that’s already baked into the WordPress CMS core.) Namely, the ability to automatically update themes and plugins.

Presumably, the reason behind the new feature is to help suppress site hacks by nefarious characters who exploit vulnerabilities in order to do bad things, like take-over sites, and/or steal information.

WordPress Theme and Plugin Auto-Update Function On its Way

Soon, WordPress sites will have the power to update any themes and plugins automatically. Because of this, site owners — who may otherwise neglect or ignore — developer updates, won’t have to do anything manually. Theoretically, once a theme or plugin is installed, there’ll no longer be a need to go in a check for updates.

The feature comes after many months of work. In fact, it’s been under development since last year. Then, this February, the team at WordPress released a plugin that ostensibly does the same job. However, it’s only a beta release, so it’s functionality is uncertain.

Originally, the WordPress theme and plugin auto-update feature was supposed to debut last year, but it’s now expected to roll out with build 5.5, scheduled for August of this year.

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