October 19, 2020
Xbox One Google Assistant support

Xbox One gets Google Assistant Voice Control in a New Beta Program

Microsoft has initiated a new beta program for the Xbox One which allows players to gain Google Assistant voice control over their gaming devices…

Prior to launch, Microsoft sold the gaming community on the Xbox One, in-part, on its voice control.

It used Kinect technology to deliver the functionality but was quickly phased out. Thereafter, Alexa and Cortana took the voice control void. Now, Google is adding its Assistant to the mix.

Xbox One Google Assistant Support Beta Program Launches

Google Assistant now works with Xbox One, meaning gamers can speak various commands, such as “Hey Google, turn on Xbox.”

It also works with multiple units. Consumers can simply rename their consoles and say, “Hey Google, turn on the living room Xbox.” Or, “Hey Google, turn on the bedroom Xbox.”

Right now, it only works with English due to the fact it’s in a beta testing phase. Microsoft and Google are working together to expand support to more languages before the full launch in the coming weeks.

Currently, capabilities include powering consoles on and off, launching games and apps, pausing and resuming, volume adjustment, and screenshots.

To join the beta test, just sign into both accounts and add an Xbox as a device.

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