October 1, 2022
Xiaomi Mi 11 Smartphone will Not Ship with a Charger in the Box

That Makes Three: Yet another Smartphone Manufacturer Won’t Ship its Phone with a Charger in the Box

Xiaomi is the third major smartphone maker to not include a charger with its new Mi 11 handset, following both Apple and Samsung…

Apple raised the ire of consumers when it decided to stop shipping new iPhone units with chargers. This, after manufacturers ceased including wired earbuds some time ago. Samsung recently adopted the same practice, forgoing a charger with at least some models. Now, another smartphone maker is about to follow the emerging standard. Xiaomi will not ship a charger with its Mi 11 in the box, either.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Smartphone will Not Ship with a Charger in the Box

Apple first made the change earlier this year. The company states its decision not to include chargers with new phones is intended to consume fewer raw materials for each device sold. Those include iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and 2020 iPhone SE. Said handhelds will only come with the phone and a single USB-C to Lightning cable in the box. However, as for the charging brick, and other accessories, those will not be included.

Apple says this also allows for a smaller retail box, which means 70% more units can fit on a single shipping pallet and reduce carbon emissions. But, some previous reports contend the move is more to do with reducing costs amid tight profit margins and not an environmental protection effort.

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