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Yahoo Bing Network Surpass Google in Five Key Search Queries

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Redmond, Washington–Consumers might be surprised to learn that the largest search engine on the internet doesn’t process every query.

While it’s well know that Google handles approximately 67 percent of all web searches, and is preparing for yet another Penguin update, what’s not well known is what the second most visited search portal is quietly taking ownership of five key searches.

The Yahoo Bing network far outpaces Google in telecom, automotive, retail, business/finance, and education. And that’s not the only category. About 73 percent of searches run through Bing and Yahoo are exclusive. That means they’re not being conducted on any other search engine.

The Yahoo Bing Network in Action

What’s more, research shows that the notion that consumers routinely switch search engines in order to find the best deal, compare and contrast is actually counter intuitive or try to conceal their actions through private browsing. Studies have shown that notion to be a myth, revealing that when people use a particular search engine to carry out a specific task, they stay with that platform rather than switch back and forth.

This is why the Yahoo Bing network is holding its audience in certain key search categories as they search from home and work. Of those named above, comScore data reveals that the Microsoft property records 82 percent of telecom, 76 percent of automotive, 70 percent of finance and business, 58 percent of education, and rounds out the figures with 46 percent of retail.

“What our advertisers often don’t think about and what makes us different, is our significant, distinct audience of 47 million unique searchers in the U.S. whom you can only find on Bing and Yahoo Search, not on Google. It’s not just that we are different, it matters how we’re different,” said Shawn Mohamed, Group Manager of Bing Ads Market Intelligence.

More Yahoo Bing Network Data

Most surprising of all the data is the fact how well the Yahoo Bing network is doing. For instance, it commands an impressive 8 percent more time on its platforms than Google. And consumers using the network spend about 25 percent more than those using Google. This might be a reason, in part, that Google has released its Enhanced Campaigns.

Bing is available in 40 different languages and recorded an Alexa rank of 16 in December of 2012. In late 2011, the search engine said it was re-engineering its back-end search infrastructure and called it “Tiger”. In May of 2012, it released its social sidebar feature.

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