January 12, 2022
Yahoo Mail Now Supports NFL Game-Watching

Yahoo Mail Now contains a Section for Users to Watch NFL Games, because That Makes a Lot of Sense

Yahoo has added a new section to its Yahoo Mail app that lets users watch National Football League games — really…

Yahoo is still alive, despite the fact that practically the entire internet has long ago moved onto other things. In fact, it continues to provide a number of services and Yahoo Mail is even one of the most popular apps under Verizon’s combined AOL/Yahoo umbrella of web products. Unsurprisingly, the mobile email client has a number of dedicated tabs, many of which have nothing to do with sending and receiving email. Now, Yahoo is expanding its capabilities to include video.

Yahoo Mail Now Supports NFL Game-Watching

The most recent version of the Yahoo Mail app now sports a new tab called Videos. It’s probably not what most people would think. Rather than it contain the latest viral videos, it’s there to stream NFL games. This does make sense, as parent company Verizon has enjoyed a long-running relationship. That agreement gives Verizon to broadcast some NFL games, mostly through the Yahoo Sports app. Now, that’s expanded to a new dedicated tab in the Yahoo Mail application. Here’s the description in the changelog from the Google Play Store:

“This latest release includes a brand new Videos tab where you can:

• Watch live local and primetime NFL games for free on your phone all season long
• Access other sports video content on demand when there are no live games scheduled including highlights, predictions, recaps, and more.”

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