October 3, 2022

Yahoo News Debuts Stream Ads

Yahoo News Debuts Stream Ads
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Sunnyvale, CaliforniaYahoo News is now getting a bit more personal. The internet search portal is now showing personalized ads, which run alongside its news articles and various other published content. The product is called “Stream Ads” and it’s already gaining significant attention from businesses across the globe.

The feature comes only a few months after the site began including Yahoo News top stories on its home page, which runs across featured slides in a horizontal menu. It also comes on the heels of new market research which shows it and Bing dominate five key search areas.

Yahoo News into Data Gathering

The site is beginning to leverage user behavior in order to make each visit a more personalized experience. That in turn, will make it more attractive to advertisers as they can effectively target specific audiences. This move is yet another modernization of not only the Yahoo World News site, but all of its properties.

“The industry trend is to evolve display advertising to be more consistent with the user experience. Some folks call it native advertising, we’re calling it stream advertising…We all believe industry wide is the way to go,” SVP of advertising and data platforms at Yahoo, Scott Burke, told Search Engine Watch.

The company points out that ever since it made the news stream available on its home page, visitors have gone deeper into the site and stayed on it longer. This coincides with recent changes made over at Google, where the search engine removed its previews feature and replaced it with a drop down menu.

News Yahoo Seeks Better User Experience

CEO Marissa Mayer wrote in a blog post that the company appreciates its users and that it will be displaying “complementary, unobtrusive advertising”. The site believes that such a move will be a welcome experience for users. Recently, Yahoo News and its main site introduced a Billboard ad unit compliant with Interactive Advertising Bureau standards which dominates the page above the fold.

It’s using the IAB standards in a more streamlined, refined manner that is designed to get more user interaction. Yahoo would not disclose to any news source the numbers associated with how much help the news stream is providing in driving longer and more frequent visits to its home page, but the company does state that all signs point upward.

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