November 5, 2022
Yahoo redesigned mail app

Yahoo Made Over its Mail App to Rein-In Inbox Mayhem

The redesigned Yahoo mail app takes direct aim at the unwieldy inbox scenario, making it far more organized, available on iOS and Android…

Email has changed dramatically over the years. Although its basic functions have stayed mostly the same, it’s morphed into a totally different experience.

Today, email serves as a catch-all depository for things like newsletters, unsolicited offers, coupons, travel itineraries, and much more. So, Yahoo’s new mail app is all about organization.

Yahoo Redesigned Mail App brings Order to the Inbox

The new Yahoo mail app groups communications into what the company calls “Views.” These include categories such as Deals, Travel, Subscriptions, and Attachments. It’s a lot like the Gmail interface which borrows heavily from Inbox by Google.

Additionally, there’s a new “Active Update” feature. This prioritizes timely updates in users’ inboxes, which works for situations like tracking packages and flight information.

The app also works better for larger screened phones. Previously, the hamburger menu or three horizontal lines, has been replaced by a customizable navigation bar located at the bottom.

Moreover, the Yahoo mail app is still compatible with Gmail and Outlook. It’s now available on iOS and Android. 

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