July 25, 2021
Yahoo Together group chat app

Yahoo Debuts New Group Chat App called “Yahoo Together”

The new Yahoo Together group chat app helps neatly organize conversations by topic, allows users to choose which to follow and more…

It’s common for family and friends to share many conversations. But, it’s difficult to keep up with all of those group chats. To tidy things up a bit, Yahoo just released a new app which helps keep things in-order.

Yahoo Together Group Chat App Introduced

It’s called “Yahoo Together.” And, it’s available on Android and iOS. The new group chat app can handily split-up conversations into organized topics. So, for conversations with several people, like a dozen or more, it’s quite useful. Even better, if there’s a topic that isn’t too important to follow, it’s possible to mute that particular group chat.

“Get your family, team or crew together. Yahoo Together is the group messaging app that makes it easy to get organized, set plans, and make happy happen. Fully loaded with features like topics to organize conversations, smart reminders, custom reactions and a handy mute button!”

Additionally, group members can attach and share files between one another. Plus, there’s a search function built right in. So, it’s easy to find a file without having to endlessly hunt.

Finally, the Yahoo Together group chat app has a message alert option. Which means, if someone sends out an event invitation or lunch invite, users are then notified and can set reminders.

Watch a short introduction video below:

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