October 1, 2022
Yelp Closes 550 User Accounts for Creating Fraudulent Reviews

Yelp Reveals it Shut Down 550 User Profiles for Creating Fake Reviews, along with Placing Consumer Alerts on Business’ Pages

Yelp has long struggled with a number of problems, not the least of which is numerous fake reviews showing up on business pages…

Yelp reviews have been a source of frustration for small businesses ever since the company’s launch fifteen years ago. The company well-understands just how crucial these are to give the site its core credibility. But, it continues to fight against fakes. Now, it’s taken more steps to address the ongoing problem.

Yelp Closes 550 User Accounts for Creating Fraudulent Reviews

Yelp recently disclosed it’s put over 580 consumer alerts on business pages. The platform did this because it discovered many positive reviews came from the same IP address. It also put over 300 consumer alerts on business pages which the company was informed that business owners were either purchasing or encouraging positive reviews.

Yelp also states that it has shut down or closed 550 users accounts this year. The site did so because the accounts were associated with a review ring that specialized in creating fake reviews for businesses.

Additionally, the company has introduced new suspicious activity review alerts:

“In January, we released a new type of Consumer Alert called the Suspicious Review Activity Alert. This new alert warns consumers when we uncover businesses that are potentially participating in a deceptive review ring.”

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