October 16, 2021
Yelp custom search results

Yelp Starts Rolling Out Custom Search Results for iOS and Android

Yelp has started to introduce personalize search results, allowing users to customize what they’re looking for quickly and easily…

Yelp is releasing a new feature which allows users to enjoy custom search results based on their general preferences. 

Yelp Custom Search Results Debut for Mobile

Yelp will allow people to set up profiles with preferences such as dietary restrictions, lifestyle interests, accessibility preferences, and places which offer them.

Once set, those qualifiers will bring up locations which meet the user’s preferences. Remarkably, this is the first time Yelp has offered personalization options.

Additionally, users can choose more specific interests. These include things like restaurant fare, such as Italian, Chinese, bakeries, and more. Also, destinations like farmers markets and art shows. People can also can choose other favorites such as hair salons, sporting goods, and more.

Yelp’s head of consumer product, Akhil Ramesh, tells The Verge:

“This is not just about an algorithm trying to listen to what you did and make biased decisions about who you are. What we built through personalization is an experience that gives the control to the user.”

The new options are now rolling out to iOS, with Android to follow over the course of the next year.

Yelp personalized search
Credit: Yelp

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