September 16, 2022

Yes, You are Being Tracked on Social Media

raytheon social media trackingWaltham, Massachusetts–Social media users might believe that the networks they visit collect information to target advertising toward users. And that notion is correct. But now, it’s been revealed that your actual movements are being tracked on social websites. From status updates, shares, +1s, retweets, mentions, and follows to photos and videos you upload, it’s all being recorded and tracked.

The Raytheon corporation, maker of the Patriot Missile system, has developed intricately sophisticated software algorithms which not only collect anything you place on social networks, but analyze that data. What’s more, those analysis can ascertain more than just what’s typed or images which are uploaded. Those words, images and videos have a digital footprint–like a date and time and the exact location of where you were when you posted the material.

The technology is called Rapid Information Overlay Technology or RIOT. And civil libertarians aren’t laughing. It has the power to collect any and all information you place on social sites, as well as determine all the details associated with that information.

The defense firm has disclosed its shared the technology with the United States government as well as other firms in the industry–meaning the data collecting and analyzing software is ready for use on a grand scale.

A demonstration video obtained by the UK Guardian unveils the power and scope of this “extreme-scale analytics” system. The footage clearly shows that technology is far ahead of individual privacy. So remember, user beware.

Savannah Marie

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